NeverBall 1.6

Guide a ball until the end of the labyrinth on the amazing Neverball game
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If you have played "Super Monkey Ball" on your Nintendo Wii, then I'm sure you will be easily familiarized with Neverball. This is an exciting game where you will control the board game using your mouse to tilt the floor. As a consequence, the ball will go where you desire. The main objective is to grab the coins located on strategic places on the board. Time is running, and you have a specific number of coins to collect in order to achieve the next level.

As you walk through the different labyrinths you will find not only gold coins, but also red and blue cards that will give you extra points (one, five and ten). Those objects have some functions, for example, they will let you to unlock the goal, or they will give you additional balls.

The game interface is nice and very colorful, specially the sceneries. If you are a perfectionist person, then you will even notice that many details like shadows, sparks, etc., have been created in an excellent way.

The game could seem simple when you start to play it, but I can assure you that it is not. This slippery ball can finish with your patience.

As a curious note, within the installer pack of NeverBall, there is another game attached. It's called Neverputt, similar to a golf game where you have to guide the ball to the hole.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • Excellent 3D graphics
  • Instructions about how to play are very clear
  • 75 levels included


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